Play 'n Train

Play 'n Train is SOCIALIZATION, EXERCISE and TRAINING in ONE!  Let us do the work, and you'll get to reap the benefits of a social, tired and well-trained dog!

Play 'n Train is an innovative program developed by Certified Professional Dog Trainer Silke Wittig in collaboration with Wagging Tail Doggie Day Care to assist busy owners with providing their dogs the ultimate in mental and physical stimulation in combination with pet manners training.

At HeRo and Wagging Tail, we take into consideration each individual dog's and owner's needs, to ensure the highest quality service for both ends of the leash.  In our Play 'n Train program, your dog's need for exercise, appropriate and social interactions with other dogs and staff, AND thorough training is addressed.

While your dog is at doggie day care, Certified Professional Dog Trainer Silke will train your dog for ½ hour two or three times a week at pre-arranged times for a total of 6 sessions, followed by one 45-60 minute training transfer session with the dog owner at Wagging Tail.

Exercises that are usually covered are:

  • Loose leash walking
  • Jumping on people
  • Come when called
  • Name recognition and eye contact
  • Leave it
  • Sit and Down
  • Stay/settle
  • Wait at door/Reorienting

Other exercises and issues may also be addressed, as needed (instructor pre-approval required).

Cost: $325.00

  • Includes six ½ hour training sessions with your dog plus one training transfer session with owner
  • Includes handouts
  • Please note that Doggie Day Care fees incur on top of this fee and must be paid separately to Wagging Tail.  However, day care fees are not charged for the ½ hour sessions while the dog is in training with HeRo.


  • Your dog must be enrolled at Wagging Tail Doggie Day Care to participate in our Play 'n Train program.  Please contact Linda Wideman at or 570-784-9244 to set up an evaluation, if your dog is not already a "member" at Wagging Tail Doggie Day Care.
  • Your dog must stay a minimum of 2 hours per doggie day care visit on training days to get the full benefit of the Play'n Train program.
  • Your dog must have a current dog license ( as well as be up-to-date on the rabies vaccination.

Please contact Silke directly at or 570-458-5749 to discuss your training needs and set up training dates. 

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