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We provide the following:

  • K9 Nose Work® coaching by experienced NACSW™-approved Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI™) and Certifying Official (CO)
  • Training and behavior services recommended by the veterinary community
  • The only dog trainer and behavior consultant in Forsyth and Gwinnett Counties to hold the two highest certifications by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers®.
  • Flexible service schedule to meet your goals
  • Methods that are easy to implement and highly effective
  • Support to our local rescue community and shelter dog adopters

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Do you want the highest-quality and most up-to-date service for your dog? Do you want to work with an experienced and truly qualified professional?

Silke is the ONLY INDEPENDENTLY CERTIFIED Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant in Forsyth and Gwinnett County. Silke has been a Certified Nose Work Instructors (CNWI™) since 2011. More about Silke

K9 Nose Work®

canine nose work woman training dog

Looking for a quick, easy and fun activity to tire your dog out mentally and physically? Does your dog need a job? Whether mutt or purebred, young or old, active or mellow, fearful or reactive, K9 Nose Work® may just be the solution for you!

One-On-One Support

woman with laptop and dog under treeNo time for a group class? Busy schedule? Behavior issues with your dog? Our "One-on-One" Pet Manners and Behavior Services are convenient, flexible and completely customized to fit your and your dog's needs!

Client Testimonials

Happy ClientI have always loved the cuddly, furry dogs who like to curl up on your lap and adore you beyond all else, when into my life comes Zac a foster dog who was all muscle, energy and loves chasing squirrels and bunnies way more then me. Still, I knew I wanted to adopt him but even after 3 months wasn't sure I could give him the kind of home he would need to be really happy. Finally I made an appointment for Silke to do a home visit, hoping her assessment would help me make that decision. Within 1 hour she was able to show me how to address every concern I had and recommended I enroll in the Distraction class offered through Hero Canine.

Enter Lisa Godin. The Distractions class was small and tailored to meet the concerns we expressed on a survey form presented on the first night. The class started on time and ended on time, which was important to my personal schedule. I was amazed at the prep work Lisa did for each class. Our dogs had encounters with mops, umbrellas, wheelchairs, canes, whistling beeping radio controlled cars, toddlers, cats, and bicycles. Because it was an issue for several dogs, they even had the opportunity to deal with a prearranged motorcycle riding up and down the street. We were given multiple times to practice the strategies Lisa demonstrated, received handouts and even got follow-up emails. The dogs were given the opportunity to choose acceptable behaviors and we were given strategies to deal with anything less then acceptable. I cannot say enough about the home visit option or the Distractions class.

-- Sue Johnson with Zac, Sunbury, PA

"K9 Nosework and Silke have turned our coach potato into a star. We never thought we would find something that Brynn would enjoy so much!

We love watching Silke challenge her every week and help to develop her searching abilities." -- Derek Harhigh and Ashlea Shannon, Harrisburg, PA

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