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Nose Work is a great way to let your dog be a dog and excel in an activity that s/he is naturally good at (sniffing, exploring and hunting).  At the same time you will learn more about your companion's behavior and body language and admire his scenting skills. 

You and your dog will build a strong relationship based on mutual trust and communication, by enjoying a fun and "no pressure" activity together.

Pet Manners

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Our Pet Manners program is based on scientifically proven "positive reinforcement (reward based)" training.

These sessions address appropriate pet manners such as sit, down, come, loose-leash walking, and leave it.

In addition, we address unwanted "nuisance" behaviors such as jumping on people, counter-surfing, play-biting, and housetraining.

One-On-One Support

dog training with owner

Individual K9 Nose Work® and Pet Manners training sessions as well as behavior modification consultations are customized to fit your needs and schedule.

You and your dog will get one-on-one attention, guidance, support and practice. No session minimum required.

Client Testimonials

MJ and John Mahon: Bloomsburg, PAWe bought our pup, Porter, and we knew right away we needed help to raise our fur baby the right way. I called Silke and enrolled him in puppy class through HeRo Canine Consulting.

Even after the class sessions, Silke has been available for advice when needed. We could not have raised him without HeRo Canine Consulting's help! -- MJ and John Mahon: Bloomsburg, PA

Whitney Quiggle - SPCA staff member, Salladasburg, PA"I got the opportunity to work with Silke when she came to the Lycoming County SPCA to donate her time and held a K9 Nose Work class for staff and volunteers to participate in with the shelter dogs every Wednesday for several weeks."

She worked with each us one on one and gave us an opportunity to learn a new way to help stimulate the dogs minds during their stay at the shelter!" -- Whitney Quiggle - SPCA staff member, Salladasburg, PA.

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