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We provide the following:

  • Training and behavior services recommended by the veterinary community
  • The only dog trainer and behavior consultant WITHIN 150 MILES to hold the two highest certifications by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers®.
  • Flexible service schedule to meet your goals
  • Methods that are easy to implement and highly effective
  • Support to our local rescue community and shelter dog adopters

At HeRo, we are all about you and your dog!

Do you want the highest-quality and most up-to-date service for your dog? Do you want to work with an experienced and truly qualified professional?

Silke is the ONLY INDEPENDENTLY CERTIFIED Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant in the Central Susquehanna area. More about Silke

Pups and Teens

woman holding puppyNeed help with your puppy? Did your adorable puppy suddenly turn into a spiteful juvenile delinquent and forget all his manners overnight? Our "Pups 'n Teen" Packages are the solution to get your youngster on the right track to becoming the perfect dog!


K9 Nose Work®

canine nose work woman training dog

Looking for a quick, easy and fun activity to tire your dog out mentally and physically? Does your dog need a job? Whether mutt or purebred, young or old, active or mellow, fearful or reactive, K9 Nose Work® may just be the solution for you!

One-On-One Support

woman with laptop and dog under treeNo time for a group class? Busy schedule? Behavior issues with your dog? Our "One-on-One" Pet Manners and Behavior Services are convenient, flexible and completely customized to fit your and your dog's needs!

Client Testimonials

Happy ClientWe adopted Rainy when she was two years old. She was very insecure and timid, she also did not like to be around men. With Silke's help and K-9 Nose Work® Rainy has gained confidence and really enjoys going to different places to do nose work. Being around strangers is no longer an issue for her. Silke has also helped us with Rainy's son Brahms attitude problem. There is no question that Silke really cares about the dogs she is working with. -- Warren and Sherry Walker with Rainy,
New Columbia, PA

"Theo is my 4 year old German Shepherd Dog. He has fear issues with strangers and loud noises. K9 Nosework has helped him be a better all around dog. He gets excited when we head to class and goes right to work, even with the distraction of strangers in the room. Through K9 Nosework classes, Theo has become a more confident, less fearful boy." -- Deb Steward and Theo, Williamsport, PA

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